If our standard service is a little too basic for you,

we can boost it with extra features, such as:

Dedicated Number - we'll set up a private conference call number just for you.

More Participants - if 50 lines isn't enough let us know and we'll add more. 

Number Type - don't want to use an 0844 number? We'll set it up with another number range, such as a freephone number, standard regional number and even international numbers for participants overseas.

Call Recording - need a copy of the call to listen to again later? No problem - we'll record the call and send it to you shortly after the call has finished.

PIN Access and CLI Recognition - secure your conference lines with PIN access and / or CLI (Caller Line Identification) - if participants aren't calling from a pre-approved number you can lock them out.

Moderator Control - use a moderator to control who gets to speak and who caan access the call in listen-only mode. You can change individual participant settings over the course of the call, for example to hear a short update from key staff, or to allow a question and answer session at the end.

Something else? If you have any other requirements not listed above please get in touch by calling 0333 247 0000 (charged at same rate as a call to a regular 01 or 02 number) or by email to info@call-conference.co.uk